Our Story

Happy Pies were born out of my personal desire for a better frozen pizza. My name is Mike Kramer, founder of Happy Pies and owner of Uptown Cafe in Clayton, MO since 1999. Prior to opening the cafe, I'd been working in pizza restaurants since I was knee high. First, at my older brother Ron's restaurants, "Two Nice Guys," then at my brother Bob's restaurant, "Cafe Manhattan."

I have always loved a good pizza, and know that everyone has their own opinion on what makes a perfect pie, from the crust, sauce, cheese...the debate will never end! Through all my years of experimenting with different pizza combinations, I believe I have finally struck a recipe that you'll love to stock your freezer with!

What makes my pies so special is their simplicity, combined with fresh ingredients and a secret sauce, which has been perfected for many decades by my family. Most important is the fact that I half bake my pies just before I freeze them. Half baking the pizzas on my brick oven gives them an exclusive, extra crispiness when you bake them in your own oven.

I believe my pies are a notch above any other frozen pie you can buy at your local grocer. Enough already...try one for yourself and let me prove it to you! Just click the Order Happy Pies Online"button at the top of the page to select some of our delicious combinations. 

I've already made my friends and family happy with my pizzas, and would love to add you to the list!

​Get happy my friend!